Yellow changes name

Yellow in the last few weeks changed it’s name from Yellow to Yubo.

It is simply a change in name without significant product changes at this point in time. However,  the safety of the users does remain and is a key component of the Yubo App as is set out in this safety blog from the company see:

and everything remains in place plus some new safety approaches which I will refer to below.

Re-branding is never a straight forward exercise especially for small companies and it can take time to get everything in place. However, the good news is that the team has worked hard to complete the vast majority of the design updates, and in particular the safety collateral and the Teens Guide and parents Guide 

To further increase safety the team is now workinghard to develop a ‘filtering approach’ to detect young people who post content of themselves in their underwear and this will include detecting them in ‘live-streaming’ in their underwear also.

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